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Base Pads

Base Pads

Made with high density foam, this base pad is one of the few on the market that does not sit directly on the standard travel rails. We accomplish this with a treated plywood platform system. Because the base pad cannot move when the standard adjusts, each standard depth reading remains true from the beginning to the end of the meet.

Every set comes standard with both Metric and English number strips.


Width 27 inches
Height 16 inches
Length 72 inches
Weight 160 pounds per pair (four pieces)
Materials 22 ounce nylon, knife coated with vinyl on both sides.
Platform made of 2X6 inch treated dimensional lumber and a 3/4 inch treated plywood to elevate the pads above the standard rails.
Warranty 13 years parts/materials/craftsmanship
Required by the NCAA and the NFHS for pole vault competition. Will only work with center mounted pole vault standards whose uprights are less than 6 inches wide.
All vinyl colors available.
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