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Base Pads

Length 21 foot maximum extension
Weight 300 pounds per pair.
Materials Heat treated, anodized aluminum uprights.
Galvanized and powder coated steel travel rails.
No Plastic.
Warranty 13 years parts, labor, craftsmanship.
Works only with center mounted base pads.
Base Pads Required for safety around the Pole Vault Standard Base
PV-180 7 feet to 18 feet. Great premier high school or small college standard.
PV-200 8 feet to 20 feet. Popular Division I pole vault standard.
Five pins instead of only three maximizes the range of the standard to provide for even the novice vaulter.

Internal locking mechanism with half-inch thirteen threads protects the vaulter from injury during the vault.

Rounded upright protects the pole and the vaulter from injury during the vault.
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