Sidewall Logos

Sidewall Logos
Sidewall Logos
Sidewall Logos
Sidewall Logos
Sidewall Logos

We will work with you or your art department to add a white screen print to the sidewall of the pit that is normally printed with a Richey logo. The Richey Logo will only appear on the short end of the sections with a custom print.

Since Richey sections are reversible and interchangeable, both long sides of the section will have a print.

On a high jump pit with a nose, the nose will contain a custom print as well.


Height Up to 14 inches tall
Length Up to 60 inches long
Warranty No warranty is extended on artwork.
Sidewall screenprinting is always done in white for print consistency and greater image contrast.
Total Customization Top Pad Print inside the coaches box and Sidewall Print to make your pit unique to your facility.
Top Pad Logo Add a logo to your top pad.
Artwork in a 1 to 4 scale, width to height, looks the best on a pit sidewall. If your logo approaches this scale, we will use it. If we believe we can improve your logo to come closer to this scale, we will send you mockups for approval.
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