Richey Custom Facilities Solutions

Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, was so excited when they talked to our Equipment Experts. They shared a dream with us that they would be able create a complete custom High Jump and Pole Vault system for their new track and field facility. They had a vision for their pits, handed that vision off to Richey and we brought it to life. From the over-sized Wildcat head top pads to their custom logo sidewalls, their custom standard covers and their IWU branded weather cover, everything matched their vision. Richey Equipment Experts made the trip to Marion to ensure the set up and completion of their project was perfect. Indiana Wesleyan now has a prestigious, fully customized solution that adds to their championship atmosphere.

The University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, pole vaults on a mezzanine floor. For this reason, they were hesitant to cut a box into the floor, their vision was to go with a raised runway. When they wanted to raise their pit but leave their standards on the ground for stability’s sake, Richey’s design experts put together a platform system out of the same foam and fabric as the pit. The system fit perfectly around their raised runway, while also allowing them to keep the standards and base pads on the floor where the coaches wanted them. Richey Equipment Experts made the trip to Chicago and helped to get the equipment up the winding stairs and set up with the whole staff so that no questions remained after we left.

Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, wanted to maximize coverage of the landing system area between the plant box and lane one in their indoor facility. Their vision did not align with any normal sized Richey landing system. However, due to the proximity of their vaulting box to lane one on the track, getting much more pit to fit would be a challenge. Richey’s design experts worked with Bates to design and build a custom landing system with a curved back that followed the contour of the running lanes so that Bates could maximize the space covered by their landing system, while keeping the corner of the pit off of the track. All the while, Bates’ sections remain interchangeable and reversible, and is unlike any other “rounded back” landing system on the market. This will add years to the life of their investment.