We sought the best materials,  and have maintained those relationships for over 40 years.  Start with the best materials and finish with unrivaled quality.

22 Ounce Nylon Fabric.

The No-Secret Secret.

Nylon is always stronger than the equivalent polyester substitute. It maintains flexibility longer and can withstand, in our experience and other outdoor applications, the elements better than any fabric on the market. The sole reason polyester would be used is simple: polyester is less expensive – as much as 35 percent in some cases. Regardless of the pitch, the bottom line is this: when the margin is more important than the customer and their track program, you’ll find polyester fabric.

BioFlex Hybrid Foam.

The Environmentally Friendly, Better Foam Solution.

This is NOT black foam that loses its density, along with associated compression values, and deteriorates often before its warranty. The foam we’ve chosen has a higher support factor ratio, tensile strength, tear strength, and elongation coefficient (how far it will stretch before it tears) than conventional polyurethane foam. It is greener too – taking less energy and non-renewables to produce, producing less emissions in the production process, and reducing oil contents in lieu of soy alternatives. Not only does a Richey pit use less foreign oil than traditional foam pits, but it supports the American farmer and the greater American economy because it is made in America right here in the Midwest using a high percentage of natural soy polyols.

Stainless Steel Linkages.

The Forever Link.

Stainless steel never rusts or corrodes. It will last longer than anything on the pit, anything on the track, and anyone making the purchase.

Brass Snap Hooks with Stainless Springs.

The Tear Away Link.

Like stainless steel, brass never corrodes. The advantage to using brass as the direct linkage, however, lies in its ability to bend when too much stress is applied. In the event of a wind storm or a forgotten unsnapping, the hook will bend and disengage before the fabric tears. It’s easily recovered by bending back into form, minimizing costly repairs. Unlike common aluminum carabiner attachments, this link is a semi-permanent attachment, requiring a wrench to remove it from the pit; no one will leave your track with an unintended souvenir.

Nylon Zippers

The Thirteen Year Zipper.

Nylon never corrodes or disintegrates. Unlike some of the competition, we believe in our nylon zippers enough to offer the same thirteen-year warranty on them as the rest of the pit.

Nylon Webbing

Durable and Strong.

Tensile tested to 3500 pounds, this webbing is what we use to hold all of our stainless steel linkages. Heat-sealed on each end, it is resistant to fraying and tearing out due to wear.

207 Nylon Thread

Superior Strength for Greater Durability.

Bonded 207 Nylon, the thread we use in our pits, is almost twice as thick as the industry standard (138 Nylon).