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The experience with Richey Athletics, from the first conversation to receiving our new Pole Vault pit, was nothing short of OUTSTANDING. Always available to ask questions for support or anything else, their [Sales & Delivery] teams were on point.
Delivery was exceptional and, from offload to completed setup, the entire process took less than an hour and a half. Our Richey Pit and Standards are like the Ferrari of the Pole Vault world: 1st Class all the way!

We had our Annual Invitational the day after receiving our new Richey setup. Both vaulters and coaches from visiting teams couldn’t stop being WOWED by the quality of this landing system. We can’t wait for our high jump pit to arrive next season. Thank you to everyone at Richey Athletics!

Zane Guile, Head Coach
Ponte Vedra High School
Ponte Vedra, FL

I have been a fan of Richey Athletics since 1990 while coaching at the University of Notre Dame. I didn’t know much about this company but when it came time to replace our pole vault setup I reached out to them as well as several others. Their original owner, Max, personally made a trip to South Bend, IN and discussed why Richey was a true solution to our need. We needed a pit that could fit in a very specific area of the indoor facility, due to limitations along the outside lane of the track. Richey Athletics took a personal interest in what we needed and we purchased a Richey pit that not only fit perfectly in the space but is still being used today nearly 25 seasons later. I have since bought a high jump and pole vault setup at Fresno State because of the known quality, design, and durability of a Richey Landing System.

Scott Winsor, Head Coach
Fresno State University
Fresno, CA

Richey Athletics is an outstanding provider of quality track and field equipment. I personally think they make the best pole vault and high jump pits in the country. Their quality and workmanship is second to none and will last many years to come. Customer service is one of the best in the industry. I enjoyed their hands-on approach, after ordering our high jump and pole vault pit they personally set it up and gave a tutorial on proper care and maintenance. Richey Athletics will do whatever it takes to earn and keep your business. You can’t go wrong addressing your track and field needs through Richey Athletics.

Marcus Odell, Head Boys & Girls Track Coach
Lake Highland Preparatory School
Orlando, FL

On behalf of the Islip High School Varsity Track & Field program, I would like to thank you for the amazing pole vault pit Richey Athletics manufactured for us. The landing system was very impressive when it was first installed and has performed beautifully. Our rival schools were all blown away by the quality of our new system and quite jealous of this new setup. We look forward to doing business with Richey Athletics in the near future for our equipment needs at Islip High School. Thanks again.

David Claps, Boys Track Coach
Islip High School
Islip, NY

When I first started looking for new high jump and pole vault pits I spent much of my time looking at big name brands, however much of the feedback I received from coaches was less than spectacular. Issues conveyed to me ranged from split seams, poor communication, and even delivery issues. Richey Athletics was more than accommodating with our budget and time frame. There was a vested interest from each of the reps I spoke with and it shows in the quality of equipment and staff alike. Working with Richey Athletics made the entire process feel like I was talking to my brother or best friend. We host many meets including Sections, Counties, Conferences, and Relay meets and the athletes and coaches are always impressed with the quality and comfort of the pits. I cannot say enough good things about this company.

Eric Rosenthal, Boys Track Coach
Hillsborough High School (2500+ students)
Hillsborough, NJ

We would like to thank Richey Athletics for the best service, quality, and promptness. You are a class act both as an organization and the individuals therein. We ordered a pit that was delivered on a short turn around and is the envy of the entire state. Many of the surrounding communities and opposing teams in our league are duly impressed with your superior quality and outstanding price. We at Westford Academy athletics are very thankful for your serious commitment and the support shown to the Track & Field community as a whole and the Pole Vault community in particular. Thank you.

Phil Archambault, Boys Track Coach
Westford Academy
Westford, MA

From the very first phone conversation I had with the Richey people, I felt like I was talking to someone who really wanted to do a good job, and who really wanted to get us the right pole-vault landing system at the best price. The amount of work and care and patience that these guys put into this whole process, including refurbishing our current old beat-up Richey practice pit, reminded me of how companies in America used to operate. With expertise and pride.

Our high jump pits are next in line to be replaced, and I will definitely be calling the Richey people again when it is time. They just flat out do a good job.

Kelly Lycan, Head Coach
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI

Richey Landing Systems! The pits and equipment you have built for me are outstanding. I recommend Richey for the high quality of your materials, workmanship, service and never vacuum-packing your pits. Your pits provide longevity by design in allowing you to rotate out the landing zones. Working with your design team in making a double-front pit and two top pads for use indoor or outdoor allowed us to rotate the pits we used. Service in making and repairing your pits is a world leader. And customization of sidewall and top pad was a huge selling point. I cannot say enough about Richey Landing Systems. Yours are the best!

Will Wabaunsee, Former Assistant Coach
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

I am not only a Pole Vaulter, I am a Chemical Engineer. No stranger to foam as an athlete or intellect.

QUALITY: The Richey Landing Systems arrive fully formed and without vacuum processing. The level of comfort and readiness is noticeable immediately. No wait time. Our group was ready to vault and test out the performance of the Richey product. I was left speechless. You often wonder if other companies are ready for the plunge into the landing system market, or whether or not they will produce a viable product when compared to other industry mainstays. Richey Athletics left no room for further inquiry! I watched as vaulters, men and women, from 10 ft. to 18 ft., experienced the landing system and the peripheral equipment with a level of ergonomic satisfaction equal to or greater than many other industry standards respective to landing systems. Sturdy, yet soft. No undue rigidness. No center to edge compression failure… Just conformed uniform plains of foam designed to protect and ease a vaulter from his/her downward descent to Earth. Quite simply…Richey is beyond reproach!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Driven by Richey staff from Michigantown, Indiana, the pits arrived at our facility and were assembled, with the utmost care and professionalism, by the Richey staff. The Richey staff took the time to work with our existing facilities staff to introduce them to methods of proper care, storage, and setup/breakdown of the landing system. I learned very quickly that Richey Athletics takes tremendous pride in their product, as should any company that provides equipment that will be used to safeguard the well being of developing Pole Vaulters. After a grueling drive from Indiana in a double trailer, (our system has 11 sections), the setup in our facility, and the training of our staff, the Richey guys took the time to drive over to our storage facility and remove and discard our oldest set of pits for us. The pits they removed were dusty, and any experienced vaulter knows how grimy and dirty a job old pit removal can be. The Richey guys did not waste time. They got right in there and got their hands dirty (and their clothes, hair, and faces covered in a fine dusting of dilapidated foam). The Richey Athletics crew made sure that they came in the door ready to work no matter the conditions set before them. I was more than impressed with their moxie and their commitment customer satisfaction. They really made every effort to make sure we were left with a pleasant experience!

WHAT NEXT: After the experience with Richey Athletics, I am actively looking into refitting our existing track facilities with Richey equipment. From the Pole Vault to High Jump to peripheral equipment, I know that investing in the Richey product will leave myself and other athletes with positive experiences and quality equipment for years to come!

Brian Hunter, Assistant Coach
College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA
2002 NCAA Champion, Pole Vault, University of Texas at Austin, 5.70m

Cedarville University purchased 2 high jump pits and a pole vault pit from Richey Athletics. Richey has been great to work with through the years. They use the highest quality materials, have excellent craftsmanship and build the pits with their own hands in the good old USA. The high jump pits were once thrown about 75 meters in a wind storm and received no visible damage. I was so amazed. Thanks guys for constructing great pits and standards.

Jeff Bolender, Head Coach
Cedarville University
Cedarville, OH

We have used Richey Athletic Products for the last 20 years. Our pole vault pits and standard bases are high quality with an exceptional price. You deal directly with the owners when you call. Richey provides you with the highest quality product and old school personal care. I would never go anywhere else!

Brian Sabo, Boys Track Coach
Eastwood High School
Pemberville, OH

You guys just keep making the best pits with the best service and you won’t need any kind words from guys like me 😉

Chris Herriot, Boys Track Coach
Arrowhead High School
Hartland, WI

We appreciate the quality of the equipment. The fabrication is impeccable and the materials are top-notch. Some of the unique design features are cool too. We have to break down our standards and wheel a portable shed over the pole vault landing system each day. Removing the base covers and tilting the standards is much easier with our new Richey equipment. Overall, we are impressed. Thank you.

Dr. Matt Lydum, Head TF/CC Coach
Pacific University
Forest Grove, Oregon

If I could have any PV landing system on earth, I would choose Richey Athletics, though there are close competitors. If I had to pay for them, no other system delivers such quality for this price, period. The pits are constructed with the sturdiest vinyl and the smartest attachment systems on the market, using no belt buckles, and freeing me to interchange all modules to prevent heavy wear on any one area. They also pioneered the two-sided top cover to be flipped each year to extend wear. The standards are bulletproof with heavy bases that glide up and back with buttery ease. No wonder their stuff is guaranteed longer than anyone else’s. It is built to last.

Tim Reilly
Northwest Pole Vault Club
Seattle, WA