The only portable laser rail measuring device on the market. This system breaks down to the size of a pop-up tent bag. With no bending over to measure, a single official can run the event faster and more accurately than ever before.

*Rail can be powder coated to match the school’s color scheme, free with the purchase of the system.

Long Jump Single Rail Packages 

XTK100-LJ (Long Jump, 1 Laser)

XTK200-LJ(Long Jump+Triple Jump, 2 Lasers)

XTK300-LJ(Three Jump Boards, 3Lasers)

Multi-Rail Long Jump and Throws Packages 

XTK100-LJ/T (XTK100-LJ x2 + Shot/Discus/Hammer/Javelin TRIPOD x2)

XTK200-LJ/T (XTK100-LJ+XTK200-LJ + Shot/Discus/Hammer/Javelin TRIPOD x2)

XTK300-LJ/T (XTK100-LJ+XTK300-LJ + Shot/Discus/Hammer/Javelin TRIPOD x2)

Throws Packages 

Shot/Discus/Hammer/Javelin TRIPOD (with Laser)


Leica X3 Replacement Laser (No Camera)(Jumps)

Leica X4 Replacement Laser (with Camera)(Throws)

Leica e75i Replacement Laser (with Camera)(Throws)

LEI 100 Replacement Tripod (No Laser, No Camera)

Single Laser Replacement Tray

Double Laser Replacement Tray

Triple Laser Replacement Tray


Sighting Laser

Reflector Shield